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Jazz royalty-free music

It’s all that jazz and more. With a classy aesthetic and smooth, traditional jazz harmonies, this royalty-free jazz music creates a nostalgic and sophisticated mood, perfect for sitting by the fire or enjoying an elegant dinner.

Jazz Royalty-Free Music Generator

One of the most exciting parts of creating content is pairing your project with the right music. You want to find sounds that complement your content without overpowering it, which makes it all the more challenging. Jazz music is always a good choice as background music for videos, games and other types of content. Luckily, you can go online and find royalty-free jazz music, jazz loops and even a jazz chord progression generator that will inject more life into your projects without stealing the show.

But before we talk about Mubert’s royalty-free jazz music and jazz chord generator - let’s discuss what jazz music is.

What is Jazz Music?

Jazz is a music genre that is played using instruments, such as acoustic drums, piano, clean guitar, saxophone and so on. It has a complex harmonic structure and consists of complex rhythms. In other words, jazz music does not have a common 4/4 time signature that you would typically hear in top 40 hits.

Aside from the rhythm, jazz usually has a soloist to play the main melody. It could be soulful vocals, guitar, piano or any other lead instrument that can take over the entire song and complement the complex rhythms.

However, jazz in general has different sub genres, such as smooth jazz, bebop, jazz blues, jazz fusion, big band, cool jazz and more. The music can vary from an upbeat swing to a very smooth and soft feel—whether it’s played by an acoustic piano or clean electric guitar.

Unlike any other genre, jazz is distinct and recognizable when you hear it—even if the swing and time signature can be odd and offbeat at times. Jazz can be very confusing, especially for new musicians because it is not entirely composed, predetermined, or entirely extemporized. It is a music genre that bends the rules of music theory and brings an entirely creative approach.

royalty free jazz

Because most jazz songs are smooth, many creators as well as content viewers prefer to watch videos that feature stock jazz music. Even though they might not be familiar with the song, they can still wrap their head around it because of its pleasant sounds, tones, melodies and harmonies.

Types of Jazz Music

If you’re looking for royalty-free jazz music for your projects, whether it’s for a film, vlog, podcast intro, app or game—you might want to learn about the different forms of jazz music. Here are a few types of jazz music:

Cool Jazz

From the name itself, cool jazz provides a cooler and more relaxed listening experience. It boasts soft musical instruments and a more relaxed tempo. It doesn’t make you feel urgency, it can however make you feel more rested—thanks to its simple structure.

Hot Jazz

Hot Jazz is the most traditional form of jazz. It’s also known as New Orleans Jazz, as it originated as a new genre that came from ragtime and blues. It’s a revolutionary sound that came from the south, quickly spreading across the country—which also created the different variations. You can say that hot jazz is the most emotionally-charged and the most intense type of jazz based on its strong improvisations and rhythms.

Big Band

If you ever watched the film, “Whiplash,” you would probably recognize big band jazz as an extreme and complex musical genre that produces a bigger sound. As opposed to cool jazz, big band jazz features larger than life structures with more instruments, such as horns, strings, drums, piano and guitar. These instruments blend together to create a big sound playing in different tempos.


Bebop originated in New York when jazz masters and virtuosos such as Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker started experimenting to see what else they could do with melodies and harmonies. This particular jazz subgenre appeals to more people including record labels.


Another jazz subgenre is jazz-funk. It involves playing jazz chords on a guitar with a strong back beat and fast tempo. Another notable thing about jazz-funk is its strong backbone that usually consists of a groovy beat and thumping bass – similar to funk. Using royalty-free jazz-funk music for your projects can intensify your videos and add more emotion to it.

And that is the emotion, the unique melody, the improvisation, the music theory-defying notes and the full sound. So if you want some royalty-free jazz music in your projects — you should definitely go online and try out jazz chord progression generators or download jazz loops.

The prices to legally use jazz music loops in your projects are only a fraction of the priceless content you can create.

Where Can I Get Royalty-Free Licensed Jazz Music?

The internet is your biggest resource for getting royalty-free jazz music and there will be a ton of options if you search for it using your browser. However, having so many options isn’t always a good thing as it can be overwhelming.

Not every option is straightforward and you might get hit with hidden fees for using royalty-free jazz tracks. Plus, not every source can provide you with high-quality audio files. And if you are thinking about using YouTube videos, Spotify, or Apple Music tracks for your project, that is copyright infringement.

Even if you manage to render your project with a song that has copyright, YouTube or any other video or social media platform can flag or take down your video in a matter of hours.

Luckily, there are platforms like Mubert where music producers and composers can upload their jazz creations—giving users access to legally use the songs for their own projects without any copyright infringement.

Plus, Mubert also offers a handy jazz track generator that will allow you to create your own royalty-free music, which is an excellent way for you to showcase your own music in your own or your client’s projects.

Unless you want to hire musicians and rent a studio, signing up for Mubert is probably the most convenient and inexpensive way to give your content some jazz. Not to mention Mubert’s vast selection of tracks are high-quality and ready for you to use.

How to Sign Up for Mubert

It’s easy to sign up for Mubert and gain access to the thousands of high-quality tracks. All you need to do is visit the website, sign up and start browsing through all the royalty-free tracks including jazz music that Mubert has to offer.

Using our wholly owned songs that you cannot find anywhere else will guarantee that your content will not get burned by copyright infringement and content ID.