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Electro Action royalty-free music

Enjoy these adrenaline-fueled royalty-free tracks with a wide range of sounds and styles. From fight scenes to epic car chases, these tracks will give you all the action you need!
Staff picks
The Smartphone Displayplay button
The Smartphone Display3:00
Business Emailsplay button
Business Emails3:00
A Standard-Level Discriminationplay button
A Standard-Level Discrimination3:00
Much Difficultyplay button
Much Difficulty1:00
A Directorial Subplotplay button
A Directorial Subplot1:00
The Establishment Clauseplay button
The Establishment Clause3:00
This Particular Caseplay button
This Particular Case3:00
State Department Associate Secretaryplay button
State Department Associate Secretary3:00
Many Cluesplay button
Many Clues1:00
Law Enforcementplay button
Law Enforcement1:00
Extra Contentplay button
Extra Content1:00
No Choiceplay button
No Choice1:00
Alleged Violationplay button
Alleged Violation3:00
Midnight And Bassplay button
Midnight And Bass1:00
Tune Of A Manplay button
Tune Of A Man3:00
Speed Of Her Heartplay button
Speed Of Her Heart1:00
Night And Heavenplay button
Night And Heaven1:00
New Skill Acquisitionplay button
New Skill Acquisition3:00
Need Of Everythingplay button
Need Of Everything1:00
Inventions Of Rhythmplay button
Inventions Of Rhythm1:00