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R&B royalty-free music

Enjoy this smooth, soulful collection of old-school and contemporary R&B AI generated tracks with pop sensibilities. From feel-good vibes to romantic ballads, this royalty-free music can get you into the groove.
Step into the world of rhythm and blues with Mubert's unique R&B Royalty-Free AI Music collection. Our AI Music Generator brings you an eclectic mix of smooth, soulful tracks that blend the charm of old-school R&B with the allure of contemporary styles. Each piece, crafted through advanced AI technology, resonates with the rich, emotive tones of R&B, infused with pop sensibilities to create a versatile sound palette. Whether you're looking to add a feel-good vibe to your content, set the scene with a romantic ballad, or simply get into the groove, our R&B collection is tailor-made for your needs. Perfect for filmmakers, podcasters, and content creators, these tracks add depth and soul to any project – from YouTube videos and Instagram stories to professional film scores. Embrace the smooth and captivating world of AI-generated R&B music with Mubert, where every track promises to bring a touch of soul and sophistication to your creative endeavors, all while ensuring a hassle-free, royalty-free experience.