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The Complainer
The Complainer
It's hard to put a finger on exactly who this Katowice-based multidisciplinary artist is: a man of many monikers, a prolific producer, a well-known artist in the world of contemporary art, a label head, curator, designer, activist... Always working overtime in any context. Kucharczyk launched his label Mik.Musik.!. in 1995 as an outlet for his genre-hopping duo Molr Drammaz, but the label now covers some of the best and most inspiring Polish music, with a catalog boasting over 200 releases. His works under the moniker The Complainer and Retro Sex Galaxy swerve from mangled 80's electronic pop to glitch-heavy myriads of plunderphonic chaos, with releases on Felix Kubin's Gagarin, Mik Musik, and Mubert. In addition, Wojciech has played shows in every corner of the globe, from Mexico City to Bishkek, and has exhibited his art in numerous places, both visible and hidden.