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Mubert Artist: Lechuga Zafiro

Lechuga Zafiro presents his exclusive generative composition for Mubert “Wet Feet”.


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Metal hammocks, wirings, fences, birds, crickets, field recordings from the Coclé river in Panama, string swooshes, a Spanish guitar, aluminum bottles, slammed windows, drill bits, skin drums and other found sounds are mixed with the help of Mubert’s AI in an infinite stream of tribal electronic music.

Lechuga Zafiro a.k.a. Pablo de Vargas is a Uruguayan DJ and producer. Straddling the line between the exploratory nature of club culture and the poetics of sound design, he seeks to express the nuances of Latin American experiences through his music. With a background in experimental music and rhythms from the southern hemisphere, de Vargas started producing as Lechuga Zafiro in 2012.

Mubert Artist Lechuga Zafiro

Influenced by the drums of the Afro-Uruguayan candombe tradition, Mexican tribal music, Angolan-Portuguese kuduro rhythms, field recordings and sound design, Zafiro first caught the attention of dancers and listeners with “Sapo de Manga”, released in 2013 on Matias Aguayo’s Cómeme label.

He is an extended member of the Mexico City-based NAAFI, an electronic collective reimagining Latin American bass for global ears. His productions and remixes aren’t far off from the description provided by one of his tracks, ‘tambores mutantes’ – industrial and percussive, with a strong grounding in Latin American sounds.

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