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Mubert Artist: Max Eilbacher

US composer Max Eilbacher presents his radical computer music approach in the generative composition "Deutschland Im Herbst" for Mubert.


Max Eilbacher is an intermedia artist who works primarily with sound, video, and performance. As a solo artist, his work draws from electro-acoustic composition and process-intensive computer music as well as the freewheeling spirit of the American noise underground. He studied computer music and cinematic arts while maintaining an active touring schedule. With a number of different groups and projects, he works with conceptual and intuitive compositional systems that square the circle of the raw moment and the controlled display of an outcome. He has presented works in various galleries, clubs, museums, and basements all across North America, Europe, and Japan. Plays bass and electronics in avant rock outfit Horse Lords.

Co-creating music with AI theoretically makes the algorithm a co-composer. Do you agree with this statement and how do you feel about this? How does this concept work when it comes to royalties and intellectual property?

No, I disagree. AI is just a more complicated extension of digital tools already in use in most music practices today. Traditionally, you do not credit the tools you compose with. Maybe you list them on the linear notes or reference them in terms of inspiration and working method. You absolutely do not give royalties or intellectual property rights to a loose concept of intelligence. 

Where is the creator economy headed? How will the music industry change as this creator economy shifts the way things operate? In what ways will this impact the artists?

Already circling around the river hades. The view is nice, I see some people I know, I wave “hi” from the boat. A bit hot but at least I have a plastic umbrella. I’m skeptical of most shifts that are dictated by tech companies and unregulated. seems like one of the few things I have been excited about. While some digital/industry shifts have been good, mostly I feel the individualistic nature of making and presenting music has been reinforced in a negative way. I would like to see more collective efforts, more union-type organization, and way less spotify. 

Has this experience given you more room for experimentation?

Sure, new tools are always fun to work and experiment with.

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