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Mubert Artist: Justin

Justin is a Berlin-based artist who explores sounds, stories, and textures. She released the mini-album "Furns Neigh" with Brussel’s Montage Label earlier this year. Currently, she works together with Sn(50) on , a project exploring sonic environments.


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What did you like about the process of making music with AI? What parts were interesting?

The process I had with Mubert was not really making music ‘with‘ AI, but rather making music ‘for‘ AI. As I’m used to writing texts suitable for machines, I found it interesting to try to make sounds which are suitable for machines. So I mainly had to adjust my process so that the outcome could be used by a machine in a sensible way. Also, I am not sure whether we should call this AI or rather an advanced form of randomization?

In what new ways can Mubert’s technology be applied?

Personally, I see services like Mubert as something like the current state of muzak. And I don’t mean that in a negative way, more as a matter of fact. Therefore I find it quite interesting to wonder about ways in which we can shape these sounds and in which spaces we could apply them; spaces that might not even exist yet.


However, I find it quite hard sometimes to imagine these spaces outside of corporate fantasies, maximum-efficiency workspaces, or their (gated) leisure-oriented counterparts. That’s why it’s so important to imagine new forms of technology outside of the realms of profit, growth & dominion/extraction.

I actually see a potential for musicians to listen to their own sounds in a new way, so I think it could be cool to have it as a standalone software on your computer and it just runs through your samples and shows you combinations of sounds that you might have buried deep down in your harddrive.

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