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Mubert Artist: CELES7E

Moscow-based sound designer CELES7E explores everything from French house and disco to industrial rhythmic noise in Mubert streams.


Approaching work with a spiritual mentality, Christian tunes into the sound space of the celestial ethos โ€” thus the CELES7E moniker โ€” which influences and is reflected in both Nebesny’s music and visuals.

The digital artist has had several releases on SYMBOLS, an American label focused on โ€œforward-thinking electronic musicโ€ and several guest mixes on services including NTS, Rince, and Radar Radio.

Listen to all of CELES7Eโ€™s streams on the Mubert app

What did you like about the process of making music with AI? What parts were interesting?

Mubert is hive mind collaboration, where AI works as a go-between matchmaker. Like an orchestra conductor bringing everyone together with a digital master hand. Dynamic tracks provide the listener with an exclusive experience that is unique every time you hit play. Working alongside such a service was a pretty interesting experience for me.

Technologies are evolving faster than ever before and becoming a part of our daily life. Should musicians adapt to these changes and how? What disciplines should they learn to be ready for the industry?

As the world changes musicians should change from only being I-shaped experts in music to ะ–-shaped specialists adapting to the changing industry. I think that today every musician should be more open-minded, be able to produce every single genre, and understand the aesthetics and context. Like being a true genre-fluid with some skills in visuals because today those things are extremely important for marketing purposes.

In your opinion, how will music be consumed in the near future? How will it be created?

I would like music to be more like an element of functional design and be based on the startup, functional elements of UX. I’d like to think that those meta-tracks will evolve in the future into some form of advanced collaborative art where hundreds of artists make something beautiful.


If you were to develop a set of tools that would let your listeners create their own versions of your tracks, what would that โ€œtoolboxโ€ look like? What is your overall opinion on the audience changing your compositions?

It’s more of a UI/UX question. But I think Mubert is moving in the right direction by suggesting like and dislike buttons which are teaching the algorithm to be smarter.

How has the process of creating music together with AI sparked your creativity? How different was this process compared to the way you usually write music?

Mubert gives me an opportunity to look into the depths of my creativity with these unique meta-tracks instead of just “one-liner” music. This provokes forward-thinking within composition instead of just being good within a single moment of time. And when several musicians collaborate with each other it could give you extremely interesting results. I think it’s more difficult than writing regular tracks, but in return, you get a more detailed understanding of the composition and strive for variety and flexibility within a certain track’s framework like scale and bpm.

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