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Mubert Artist: Tomu DJ

California-based producer Tomu DJ stepping up with nocturnal electronic ambience and charming rhythms in her generative composition for Mubert.


Tomu DJ is an American producer and DJ who has recently emerged as one of the standout new electronic artists of 2021 with her transcendent, uplifting, and euphoric sound. She imbues her music with a gentle yet driving emotional force, creating intricate but comforting melodies across her discography. Tomu draws inspiration from her inner self — her memories and her past — and seamlessly infuses these reflections into her music.

After a couple of years DJing at her own parties, Tomu began producing music herself, turning out immaculate and disparate releases for Slime Death, Juke Bounce Werk and Side Chick Records, as well as self-releasing a couple of projects. Since Tomu DJ began releasing original music in 2020 they’ve captured the attention of critics and journalists across the electronic music landscape, featured in Pitchfork, Dekmantel, Resident Advisor, Mixmag, Dazed, Bandcamp Daily, theartsdesk, The Music Desk and more.

What did you like about the process of making music with AI? What parts were interesting?

I did not know how the process would work, only that I was creating loops and samples. As such, I created them as if they would be used by somebody else – which in a sense they were if the AI can be considered to be somebody. It was quite interesting to hear a song made of components that I produced which I probably would not have made for my own music.

Tomu DJ

In your opinion, how will music be consumed in the near future? How will it be created?

The rise of streaming in recent years has been quite overwhelming. I think that will continue, but that there will always be purists dedicated to consuming music in their chosen format. It is interesting to imagine a form of music consumption even more streamlined than streaming services such as Spotify, and that maybe in the future the purists will be longing for the days of our current services that seem so newfangled.

Was it difficult for you to get used to the software, understand how it works, operate the interface and upload your tracks? What questions and problems did you bump into when getting started with Mubert?

I really wasn’t sure what I was doing or what a “stream” was up until I uploaded my components. From that point I was very surprised at how easy the process was; in no way did I expect to be able to hear what sounded like a fully formed song seconds after uploading.

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