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Mubert Artist: Inturist

Inturist provides a blend of obscure electronica, art punk miasma and off-kilter new wave in his exclusive generative composition for Mubert “Esoteric Hell”.


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Inturist is the audio-visual improv group of Jenya Gorbunov, frontman of famed Russian outfit Glintshake (ГШ). Renowned as the most unpredictable of Moscow’s musical adventures, Inturist delves into the depths of everyday life, scavenging arbitrarily selected items and equipping them with wicked traits once in their possession. It imprisons one in a trance comparable to using a machine that keeps bleeping, the everlasting futility of calling the number of a banking service, and leads you astray like the weather report of Primorsky Krai.

Mubert Artist Intruist

A ‘veteran pop star’ in his mid-thirties, and a serial musical collaborator, connector and inspirer, Jenya Gorbunov has been a key figure in Russia’s alternative music scene over the last decade. He was first known as a guiding light in two wildly popular bands, NRKTK and Stoned Boys. And a while later, for his collaboration with Andrew Lee as Interchain on his and Lee’s Incompetence label; which made thumping hybrids of Detroit House and stripped down, punky rave. As well as making some tremendous mixes of contemporary Russian music, he is also known for his interest in design, animation and propaganda, and releases a monthly newsletter, which reveals his fascination with Gorbachev-era Russia, right down to the typeface.


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