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Mubert Artist: 8ULENTINA

The one and only 8ULENTINA creates a mysterious landscape of tribal percussion, dystopian riffs and off-kilter textures in their stream for Mubert.


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8ULENTINA (pronounced B00-LENT-EENA) is named after transgender singer Bülent Ersoy, a Turkish diva banned in the 80s by the military government, highlighting the fact that their creative process is an exploration of their family’s Turkish, Arab and Jewish roots. Inspired by their background 8ULENTINA is interested in creating diasporic spaces through sound, sculpture, garments and video.

Mubert Artist 8ULENTINA

Along with Lara Sarkissian, aka FOOZOOL, 8ULENTINA co-founded Oakland’s Club Chai, a collective, event series, record label and curatorial project that highlights diasporic narratives and queer and trans people of color. 8ULENTINA music combines non-Western sounds with club music and r&b, and has been released through Tobago Tracks, Allergy Season, Night Slugs, Club Chai and via their Bandcamp page.


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