Mubert x Crello: Got the text and the picture? Now add music! — Mubert Blog Mubert x Crello: Got the text and the picture? Now add music! — Mubert Blog

Mubert x Crello: Got the text and the picture? Now add music!


Thanks to the new ‘Music’ tool enrolled in partnership with Mubert, using Crello, anyone can be not only a designer but a sound master of his visual content!

From now on, Crello users can make their already striking animated designs even more impactful with original soundtracks by Mubert!

What’s a big deal, you might ask? – Music has been used as the main ingredient of ads, movies, and other visual content for decades. True, but people tend to think that filmmakers and advertisers spend lots of time and large sums of money on sound production. Yes, sometimes music licensing takes months, and creative fees for popular songs can cost over $10 000 (Nike once paid $500 000 to use the Beatles’ ‘Revolution’). But today, with Crello, anyone can make a catchy ad and tune it up with an original jingle in several taps and it will cost just a few dollars. Getting the picture?

Crello dashboard

Vloggers and streamers have already felt the recent tightening of copyrighting rules on YouTube and Twitch. Add the musician community, asking Spotify to triple payments to cover lost concert revenues due to the global curfews, and you’ll get the perfect licensing storm. That’s where AI-generated music by Mubert comes to play.

No artist or label can simultaneously provide thousands of creators and app developers with original music, 100% legal for streaming online and sharing via popular social media. Mubert can.

Every time a Crello user wants to soundtrack his ad, video, or animation with engaging disco, techno, bass, ambient or even classical music — our AI creates a fresh, one-of-a-kind royalty-free track, just for his project. Few taps and your professional, eye-catching design with a high-quality soundtrack by Mubert can be posted online.Want to add the ‘Music’ button to your app? — Set up an integration using Music streaming for apps by Mubert.

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Mubert is a platform powered by music producers that helps creators and brands generate unlimited royalty-free music with the help of AI. Mubert's mission is to empower and protect the creators. Our purpose is to democratize the Creator Economy.

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