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Every day we create millions of minutes of legal music for apps, services & listeners

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What we do

We provide music content via API


Generated tracks of custom duration to sync with videos and upload anywhere - YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.


Endless mix with no interruptions that reacts to your feedback and adapts intensity in real time

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What we do

We make music available to everyone

For apps   🚀

Integrate Mubert API & use our full catalog together with smart features

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For listeners   💿

Non-stop focus music music to improve your skills

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For creators   👩‍🎤

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Why we do it

We democratize music

We are Mubert, a music-tech startup founded in 2016. We use science & technology to make the future of music come faster. With power of Artificial Intelligence we generate tons of original music based on audience preferences. Our content is composed to help people improve daily routine experience, enhance performance and boost creativity.

Driven by culture, quality & community.

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