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Generative Channels

Each generative channel is based on a fixed number of tags which algorithm uses to create endless streams with different levels of variability. The more samples channel has, the more diverse the stream sounds. Our website allows you to listen to the streams with low variability (up to 36 samples).

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#1 generative music app

Mubert is the brand-new music app. Mubert generates an endless experimental electronic music one click away. App of the day in App Store Japan.

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What is Generative Music?

Generative music is created in real time by the algorithm from the human-made sounds of one or several music producers. Generative music gets released and published as streams in Mubert app, games, videos and commercial projects for brands.


Each stream is an infinite 'live' track that is constantly changing. You can’t rewind generative music as it is created in real time. Meaning you get ultimate experimental electronic music that is only available in one place: on Mubert, the #1 generative music streaming app.


The richer the platform gets with samples, the more variants generative stream can offer. Each replay re-starts the generative process so it sounds different to every listener. That’s how you get exclusive music.

Imagine the Future of Music

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