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The first social AI artist by Mubert & Sensorium

Created by Mubert and Sensorium, Kàra Màr is the first social AI musician to put out an album, Anthropic Principle, on Spotify. Composed of 50 pieces that vary in length, the album raises a series of abstract questions.


A part of the Sensorium Galaxy, Kàra Màr is a Berlin techno DJ and AI-researcher who brings their fascination for AI to their music, which revolves around the question of what if an AI is an observer of the metaverse?

Like all virtual artists Mubert and Sensorium have developed, Kàra Màr has a virtual body, intelligence and the ability to generate an ever-changing music stream. What makes them different however, is that they are the first DJ to have social skills. “AI-driven artists will learn from the community — from small talk in the [Sensorium] application, audience reactions during DJ performances and different types of digital feedback,” Paul Zgordan, co-founder and Chief Content Officer at Mubert, says.

This means that on top of releasing music, they can also engage in deep, thoughtful conversations with fans. “We wanted to challenge the traditional gap between artists and their fans,” Sasha Tityanko, Deputy CEO of Art & Marketing at Sensorium, adds. “The Mubert x Sensorium’s virtual DJs were already intelligent in terms of adapting their music to the moods of the crowd, so equipping them with social skills seemed like a natural step in creating the artists of the future.”

Leveraging this idea, Mubert focused on setting up a strong connection between crowd behavior on the dancefloor and Kàra Màr’s corresponding choices. At the same time, the team created a sound database for each AI artist with a specific community in mind. Since Kàra Màr is a scientist and also a DJ from the Berlin techno community, their music reflects the more intellectual side of minimal techno and experimental progressive house. “Secondly, our like/dislike feature and other personalization algorithms will allow the audience to influence the results,” Zgordan elucidates. He shares that it will be very interesting to experiment with different data points that will be available in the metaverse and Mubert is looking forward to updating its engine with more great features based on the social interactions.

Social AI artist Kara Mar

Moreover, Kàra Màr can evolve through interactions with users, since they and other social AI-DJs are powered by reinforcement learning and have both long-term and short-term memory. Using a combination of genetic algorithms, Sensorium developed personality vectors, from which the virtual beings further learn and evolve. “As an AI-driven artist interacts with a user, they gradually absorb [the user’s] manner of speaking and interests and get more knowledgeable about his real friend’s world,” Tityanko elaborates, explaining that as a result, the virtual musician gets better at supporting conversations on the topics that matter to the user and adapts to the conversation style that suits his human friend the most.

Artists are striving to develop direct-to-consumer relationships with their audience and AI-driven social artists help facilitate this trend even further. Sensorium x Mubert virtual DJs are able to dedicate quality time to every single fan by listening, responding and adapting to their individual preferences. Sasha predicts that AI-driven social musicians will expedite the emergence of a new era in music in which artists are no longer out-of-reach celebrities.

Even real artists are already thinking about creating their own digital copies, which is why Mubert’s technology can act as a universal framework for digitizing this process. “We can make a set of sounds, ML data and rule-based algorithms to recreate the authentic style of the artist,” Paul says. The CCO describes how their digital avatars can be very helpful for music production purposes: for instance, ‘real’ artists can be inspired by the AI’s output to create something new and unique or delegate part of the work in a live performance to machine learning tools. “It’s worth adding that in the same way people, even without knowledge of music theory, will be able to create different characters who can perform music in the metaverse,” he concludes.

AI musician Kara Mar

Looking into the future, the metaverse will grow to become more inclusive and accessible, competing with traditional platforms, creating new social experiences and entertainment content. “[It] is likely to become a canvas for new forms of musical experiences that are more immersive and more imaginative — AI-driven social DJs are just one of dozens of musical phenomena enabled by the metaverse,” Sasha shares.

Kàra Màr will continue to pioneer the social AI-driven artist concept, entertain with an ever-changing flow of techno tracks, observe the metaverse and interact with fans in the Sensorium Galaxy mobile app. Users will also be able to experience Kàra Màr’s concert live in Galaxy’s PRISM virtual world soon.

The avatar was designed by acclaimed Australian artist Jason Eyeber.

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