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Sex Music Open Call


Reinvention of SEX music by Mubert, generative music platform

The Main Objective: A long-term study of sex using hi-tech AI technology in music and art, with the Mubert team generating music from samples received from more than 4000 sound designers to create an eternal sound of intercourse. Mubert and their collaborators want to reimagine or even discover new sex music, as well as create voice acting and sex visuals. This is a manifestation of our open attitude towards sex, treating sex as a need and pleasure, not as something secret and scary by the breaking of taboos and patterns. Your gender, sexual preference and race doesn’t matter. We believe that music is something universal and that it connects people. Mubert is an emotional ever-changing collaboration of co-creators, not a cold marketing product.

Phases: Veselka, a Ukrainian collective was chosen for the first stage of the musical part of the collaboration. Samples for endless generative tracks were written by producers Mays, Omon Breaker, Clasps and Re:drum. We had a presentation of the 1st stage of collaboration at Horovod festival (a festival dedicated to the arts and music of the queer community, celebrating unity and freedom). Music played nonstop for 33 hours in the dark room which was specially built for the presentation – it was a tangled maze in the catacombs of the Mutabor club in Moscow, Russia. Also, part of the experience for visitors were 3D-printed sculptured figures from German Lavrovskiy (an artist exploring sexual codes of queer intercourse). Everyone could buy a digital embodiment of the sculptures in the form of NFT tokens on the “Rarible” platform.

Mubert sex open call

For the second and subsequent stages we plan:

  • To create different channels on the Mubert App, the first, which has already been released, consisted of “Adam” and “Eve”. At least five more collaborative channels are planned. These channels will continuously broadcast different types of music (from Ambient to Classical to Rock&Metal and beyond) in collaboration with popular, as well as aspiring electronic sound producers from all over the world. The last one, entitled “Orgy” will consist of samples provided via open call and will represent the idea of a truly collaborative sex stream,
  • Art collaborations with 30+ artists & musicians participating in an open call,
  • An offline event in a Museum with a phygital exhibit,
  • A new collab NFT drop with five digital artists to continue on from German Lavrovskiy,
  • An exclusive art collaboration by Mubert and a webcam provider,
  • A collaboration with sex toy producers,
  • Integration into a sex or dating app (currently discussing a collaboration with Pure dating app).

Main Thesis:

  • Gain an awareness of collaborators’ attitude to sex and broadcasting conclusions,
  • Take the personal Emotional approach of each of the participants to create a general sound and as a result meaning for sex music,
  • Give equal attention to both visual and musical content – everyone’s contribution is treated equally when working to create a collaboration,
  • Supporting positive attitudes towards sex, queer culture and open-minded people,
  • Open to artists worldwide regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity.
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