No more royalties: new B2B solution for background music in your company

In pursuit for exceptional user experience multiple businesses across industries use music for creating special atmosphere for their clients. Historically, this involved paying considerable royalties. The first service of real-time generative music Mubert has B2B solution that provides quality, personalized service and cuts costs in one package.


Background music plays a huge role in modern commercial environment across the globe. Shopping malls, hotels and restaurants, retail stores, elevators leverage passive music listening to create the ambience of the location. This practice has a positive effect on customer’s mood, sales rates and is definitely involved in building brand identity. Whatever music is played in businesses, the songs and mixes belong to artists and their record labels. Companies are required to pay copyright royalties, this item of expenditure is permanent and can be quite tangible for a business. Credible and law-abiding company must be compliant with numerous copyright statutes. Cutting-edge technology comes into play in the form of generative music which is a game-changer for the music world and its corporate listeners.

Mubert is the first AI-powered real-time service of generative music that provides businesses with a new interaction framework. A platform is an infrastructure that satisfies all stakeholders, specifically, entities in various domains can benefit in many ways.

In a nutshell, generative music is produced and mixed via AI algorithms — they compile a stream from sounds and patterns written by real-life composers and producers. A self-learning musical AI uses a huge database of high-quality sounds to generate music in any genre or mood, from Tense to Ambient to Trance and many more. The service broadcasts non-stop never ending music via API. The audio stream is flexible and adaptive to external commands or device sensors.

APIs can give businesses as much music as they need. This is the technology that can be groundbreaking for the gaming industry, voice assistants, smart homes, commercial music providers and many more. Basically, we provide global business landscape with the cheapest model of musical arrangement that is unique and highly relevant. Mubert is the cost-cutting music provider.

Alex Kochetkov, CEO of Mubert 

Mubert allows you to choose from a vast array of genres and activities, change the intensity and personalize the stream.

The advantages of Mubert boil down to its unparalleled flexibility. The streams have no pauses, they are literally never-ending, they do not require additional controls, the management or any stereotypical functions that the majority of streaming services have. Deep personalization is fulfilled via the like/dislike algorithm. The platform meets today’s reality — the stream is turned on in one click. The music is adaptable to the environment — weather, location and time — as well as to sensors and inputs as it can be controlled by voice assistants.

From the legal perspective, Mubert provides copyright protection. The service broadcasts copyright-free music for commercial use where a business no longer has to pay royalties and sign contracts with copyright holders. The new stance on music listening practice involves ease of use: a company buys a subscription, chooses mood or activity, plays right away or schedules playback for a specific time. The price discrepancy depends of the number of units, the cost of a commercial license starts from $1.99 per unit.

Streaming services have troubles with holders of copyright-protected content and are forced to ban and strike streamers who use it as background music. Omlet Arcade, the largest mobile gaming and livestream community with over 1 million monthly active users established a partnership with Mubert. As a result, 4 background channels were integrated for gaming streams which are now enjoyed by 15 thousand players.

We have 65205 unique live streamers using the Mubert music pilot in the last 30 days.  They have created 77935 hours of live content with the music embedded. Generative music is a truly innovative solution for empowering live streamers to drive their content quality without risking the dreaded copy-strike and unlocking totally new types of interactivity.

TJ Purtell, co-founder and CEO of Omlet Arcade 

Mubert’s collaborative experience includes the partnership with Bookmate, the international book reading service. The opportunity to read favorite literature to generative music differentiated Bookmate from its competitors, provided the business with customer loyalty and gave the additional monetization channel.

Mubert service became an integral part of Adidas advertising campaign. The collaboration with the sportswear giant, the largest manufacturer in Europe, resulted in the creation of the Adidas secret channel which was enjoyed by 7 thousand people. The exclusive feature was introduced via all existing applications. In order to acquire access to the channel, a user had to go through the ID mining process on the campaign’s website to receive the access key.

Regardless of the sphere, companies not only receive a new tier of personalization, service quality and innovativeness; they also get the tech that helps to reduce costs and rationalize their budgets.

About Mubert

Mubert is the first service of real-time generative music. The AI-powered platform and marketplace present the new musical ecosystem. From now on the industry professionals can monetize their creatives while listeners receive deeply personalized never-ending streams. Mubert’s algorithm accumulates a database from the user’s tastes, mood, and behavior. Based on gathered data, the algorithm creates arrangements, selects matching sounds and assembles them in a track. Today Mubert’s community includes over 200 musicians, more than 2,000 Pro users.

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About us

Mubert is a platform powered by music producers that helps creators and brands generate unlimited royalty-free music with the help of AI. Mubert's mission is to empower and protect the creators. Our purpose is to democratize the Creator Economy.

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