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Can you imagine fitness apps like Nike Run Club or Sleep Cycle without functional music for sports or curated sleep-inducing tapes for body and mind relaxation? Of course, they include many features, but would these apps become so effective and popular without music? Doubtable.

Still, many start-ups struggle to get music for their projects, unable to sign direct contracts with music labels and services like Spotify or SoundCloud. Big players don’t let anyone challenge their dominance in the music market. And of course, they don’t like to share their pie of revenues from music licensing.

Even those apps that aren’t about music listening and use it as a powerful tool to improve their core functionality get stuck when it comes to finding cost-effective music solutions for their projects.

Mubert democratizes music

At Mubert, we know what it means to start up and how much resources it takes to become an app of the day. As a part of our mission to make music affordable to anyone and anywhere, we’ve launched a new extension of the Mubert service. Meat Music streaming for apps! It allows augmenting any app or voice assistant with original music in over 100 moods and genres. Choose any from Hip-hop to Chill to Techno and many more.

We’ve set very flexible pricing to make music streaming available even to growing start-ups.

With Mubert API, apps can start streaming musiс for just $0.01 per minute and pay only for the broadcasted time.

Hardly any other artist, label, or service can provide app developers with high-quality music for such a modest price.

Plus, using Mubert, app developers can forget about wasting time on puzzling music licensing and paying royalties. All AI-generated music by Mubert is genuinely royalty-free and can be legally streamed to any device worldwide.

Stream music for workouts

Mubert started as a music app for running. And now, when people run thousands of miles and lift tons of weight while listening to Mubert’s streams, we have no doubts that specialized music for sports can greatly boost fitness apps’ effectiveness.

“When we integrated streaming of music for workouts by Mubert in our app, users checked in more regularly and trained for a longer time.” —… position of Gravity Fitness App, name.

If you want to make a difference with your fitness app — don’t hesitate to request a demo, and we’ll provide you with a functional music stream that will perfectly fit your users’ training sessions.

Stream music to relax

No wonder that meditation, yoga, sleep tracking, and other kinds of mindfulness apps are becoming big business. The modern world is filled with stressed users in need of some relaxation. According to TechCrunch, the top 10 meditation apps pulled in $195m in 2019, up 52% from 2018.

We also know a thing or two about this market. Recently a calming music stream curated by Mubert, especially for Insight Timer users, got 4.9 stars with 5k views in just a few weeks and was featured on the service’s main page.

The good news, your start-up doesn’t have to be the most popular meditation app in the US to benefit from AI-powered music streaming by Mubert. Our API virtually enables you to augment any app or device with functional music for Relaxation, Focus, Meditation, or Sleeping.

So, if you want to break the market with your new app for yoga or meditation — set up an integration right away.

Stream background music

Background music is a great tool to set up an overall in-app atmosphere and create a distinctive user experience. At the very moment, you are reading this, people are studying, working, running, having a cup of coffee, watching a video, or even sleeping while listening to background music generated by Mubert.

Our extensive choice of background music for apps includes modern electronic styles like Chill, House, Trance, Techno, Funk, and even Jazz, Rock, and Classics.

Considering the ability to choose between Low, Medium, and High intensity of streams — Mubert creates infinite possibilities to customize your app with music.


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