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How To Find Copyright-Free Music for Youtube

There is a vast difference between free music that you find on YouTube and YouTube copyright-free music. While you might be able to download certain types of music for free, you may not necessarily be allowed to use that music in your videos. In doing so, you may face copyright issues. With free copyright-free music for YouTube, you don’t have to worry about royalty fees.


What To Look For When Searching for Audio Assets For Your YouTube Content

While you might see “free” in the name when looking for copyright-free music or royalty-free music, that does not mean that this music is actually free. These terms can be a bit confusing for newer creators, especially those who don’t have the understanding of or experience with copyright-free audio for YouTube.

In simple terms, copyright-free or royalty-free music is simply music to which no one owns the copyright, meaning nobody using it has to pay royalties.

Yes, you guessed it — finding music that is entirely free of copyright is pretty rare, and most of the music you find out there is actually copyrighted, including YouTube copyright-free music.

When you find a copyright-free music site to get your tracks from, you purchase the license for the track that you want to use. You then become the “licensee” for that track while the company that you licensed it from pays royalties to the creators.

There are plenty of websites providing these services now, making finding the right one a bit overwhelming. There are a few things you’ll want to consider before choosing a particular copyright-free music platform. We recommend looking for sites that have:

  • Royalty-free and copyright-free tracks,
  • A myriad of tracks, moods, and genres to choose from,
  • An easy licensing process,
  • A searchable music library.

Don’t Fall Into the Free Music Trap

Prevent DMCA Notices using Royalty-Free music

As you continue scouring the Internet for the best YouTube copyright-free music library, you’ll likely run into a few free music sources, including Creative Commons and Public Domain.

These sound too good to be true, right?

It’s crucial to note that these sources aren’t actually free.

Creative Commons’ licenses are pretty spectacular, as they allow content creators to utilize free music, as well as tons of other media, in their work. However, these licenses typically require “attribution,” or the acknowledgment of the copyright holder.

The terms and agreements can be quite confusing with Creative Commons. You may need to ask the copyright holder permission first, or you may be limited to private use, stripping away any rights to use a track for commercial purposes.

All-in-all, if you’re looking for reliability, we don’t recommend Creative Commons, as it is very easy to make a mistake without realizing it.

When it comes to Public Domain, you’re looking at works without copyright or music and lyrics published prior to 1925. While it might seem like an easy choice from a legal perspective, public domain music is VERY limited. You’ll put in far more effort trying to find the right public domain tracks than if you merely signed up for a service that can provide you with copyright-free songs for YouTube.

Keep Your License Active

Every site works differently when it comes to keeping licenses active for tracks that licensees are using in their creative works.

Some music licensing platforms offer unlimited song licensing for a single fee, allowing users to license songs in perpetuity. In layman’s terms, this means that any licensed song you use will remain legally licensed for that project forever. However, you must retain an active subscription with that service to keep your license active.

You can’t simply subscribe to a service for a month, license a bunch of tracks, and cancel your subscription. All of your licenses will become null and void once you cancel your subscription.

Some companies won’t relinquish licenses for those who cancel their memberships, which is why it’s always important to read the fine print for these subscription services, to make sure you stay within the legal boundaries.

Handling Disputes If You’ve Had Your Content Blocked

Handling Content ID claims

If you use music in your videos and you receive a ContentID claim that blocks your content, there are a few things you can do.

For starters, if you used music that you don’t own, it is essential to admit fault and fix it.

You can either:

  • Do nothing and forget about your content,
  • Remove the music without having to edit or upload a new video,
  • Swap out the music with copyright-free audio for YouTube,
  • Trim out the segment where the audio exists,
  • Share revenue through the YouTube Partner Program.
How to dispute Content ID claims

If you choose to dispute the claims because you believe your content was wrongly blocked, you must file a dispute through YouTube. It is essential to make sure that you have a valid reason for your dispute, as any wrongful dispute claims could wind up giving you a copyright strike.

Finding the Best Copyright-Free Music for YouTube

Of course, the best thing to do is avoid having to dispute anything in the first place, which is why we recommend signing up with a music licensing company like Mubert that provides users with music that they can use freely without fear of having precious content wiped from YouTube.

Mubert has uniquely designed its service to eliminate the most common copyright disputes thanks to the fact that the music is generated with the help of AI. Every track on Mubert is completely unique and free from copyright claims, giving you the peace of mind that you need to create without worry!

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