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Tips and Tricks to Create an Amazing Music Video


There is no denying how popular music videos have become. Platforms like YouTube, Instagram are full of media platforms you use, and they are shared by celebrities and influencers alike. Music videos are a great way to make your listeners hooked to your music, but how easy is it really to make one?

This blog post will discuss how content creators are getting creative by experimenting with making fantastic music videos. Music Videos can also be used as marketing tools that have helped many musicians succeed in this competitive industry!

Music videos are a channel to bring your music to the public and create an unforgettable experience. However, it is not easy for everyone who wants to. When a songwriter writes a song, there is an inspiration behind it unknown to the listeners. The listeners can connect with the song more when there is a story and visuals clubbed with the song.

So, in case you’re wondering how to get free music for videos, let us look at some of the valuable tips to create engaging and fantastic music videos.

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1. Use a storyboard to plan out the video.

Having an overall storyline before starting with any music video is essential to ensure the team can brainstorm and plan out the execution. You might have an idea for your concept, but everyone involved-the songwriter, production person/director must be on board with what we’re doing from day one, or else things may change once they get into production mode! The storyline could be abstract (meaning not literal), meaning there won’t necessarily follow precisely how words sound when sung; however, this would depend entirely upon whether our theme aligns closely enough towards what you want audience members’ emotions felt while watching – so don’t forget about those feelings at all costs during planning stages: keep their top priority throughout the development stage.

2. Plan your production efficiently

The production aspect of the music video is very crucial. It would be best if you had experts in the team responsible for everything from lighting, editing, composition to compilation. Videography has to do with the timing of events, just like in still photography. It would be best to have a good idea about how much footage you want for your music video before beginning production. This will help you figure out an ideal budget range. Since producing a music video requires sophisticated and high-resolution cameras and other equipment, it becomes infeasible to go for an in-house production due to the high costs involved. Hence, it is necessary to identify a competent production team that fits your style.

Several production companies offer their services according to your needs and requirements. You can either hire them, or you can go co-producing with these agencies.

3. Use Online Video Editors

If you have a limited budget, you can explore online video editors using which you can easily add cool sound effects, animations, in-scene dialogues (if any) on your own. You can go all gaga with the effects that you add to the video. The advanced software makes it easy to experiment with various effects to make your video look unique.

Several online software offers free music video editing options for their users, but the one advantage of using paid services is that you get a lot more features and tools at your disposal. Since they have invested in high-end technology, it becomes easier for them to create better videos faster.

You can experiment with all the available features and make your videos exclusive. Play with the tones, shots, scenes, and entire sequence of the video. In the end, that one unique effect will make your video stand out from others.

4. Get creative with your shots – try different angles, zooms, pans, etc.

Experiment with different angles of your shots for your music video. Take multiple shots, long shots, short clippings in the pre-production stage. Don’t forget to record the fun behind the scenes videos. Once the story is finalised, you can go as creative with the video as possible to portray that unique storyline.  These days even shorter videos with high-quality audio and visual effects have become popular among music lovers. You need not always focus on long stories or songs! Try different things out there which you think will look good. Sometimes, simple ideas executed with new techniques can make the video look excellent.

Music to Create an Amazing Music Video

5. Find music that matches your video’s mood or style

You can also go the other way around when it comes to creating music videos. Tik-Tok videos, Instagram reels are nothing but shorter versions of music videos. The content creators have gone wildly creative with these videos. They club a piece of suitable music with their concept video and add some cool effects when that beat drops in the background music, and boom! Such unique concept videos grab the most views and shares. You may choose an upbeat song, mellow music, hip hop song, or any other depending on the mood and setting of your video.  It’s a great way of creating your fan base. Don’t just limit yourself to replicating the trending music videos on social media. Get your hands dirty instead and create innovative videos to be the trendsetters. You will not face any problems if you know how to use copyrighted music for youtube.

6. Location of music video matters

Whether you choose to shoot at a location physically or create a setup for the video, the location should match the style of the song. The setting inspires a lot of listeners to visit that physical location where the video is shot. An exclusive location or set would add to the experience of the listeners. It is always better if you consider some unique natural locations for shooting your video. If it’s an upbeat song, shoot at beach resorts, the terrace of the building with sea views etc. On the other hand, go for luxurious indoor settings like hotel rooms if it’s a slow track.  You could also shoot in front of the green screen in a studio setup and add animations and unique backgrounds to your video. You should know what kind of music can be safely played at your location.

Music videos are a great way to market your music and create an emotional connection with your audience. It’s not hard to film one, but it can be challenging if you’re trying to do everything yourself. That’s why we’ve created this blog post – there are so many ways for making the perfect video that the possibilities are endless. We hope this post has helped give you some new ideas to try with your music videos. Remember, the more creative and unique you can be when shooting a video, the better it will turn out! 

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