Video: Mubert x Adidas x Kirill Richter, the first-ever concert of Human and AI


More than 500 trendsetters have witnessed a private concert where AI played music in tandem with live musicians. The neoclassical trio of Kirill Richter performed several compositions together with Mubert. The algorithm used the sounds provided by the composer to arrange them in real-time in a unique order.

This collaboration of AI and a live musician has become part of the Adidas promotional campaign. The audience took part in an art performance that had not yet happened in the world.

Kirill Richter is Russia’s most prominent representative of the neoclassical music scene.

His portfolio includes pieces for piano, works for chamber ensembles and symphony orchestras, music for art-house dramas, sci-fi blockbusters and contemporary choreography performances. Kirill Richter composed the original theme for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia, broadcast by the FOX Sports TV channel, which became the musical synonym of this grand sporting event for hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

Richter represented Russia at various international festivals, including Germany’s Reeperbahn, Britain’s The Great Escape and the Netherlands’ Classical:NEXT. The list of venues he performs in, includes the illustrious Royal Albert Hall, famous Elbphilharmonie and Zaryadye concert hall.


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