Mubert presents its first collaborative collection of generative NFTs โ€” Mubert Blog Mubert presents its first collaborative collection of generative NFTs โ€” Mubert Blog

Mubert presents its first collaborative collection of generative NFTs

Mubert is minting ever-changing NFTs as a collaborative collection created with the Open Call winners.


NFTs have raised a lot of speculation and talk around whether it has the ability to shift the music industry and democratize the creator economy, but have also offered a possible solution to the current problems related to ownership and intellectual property. โ€œThis is a way for the artist to distribute his content directly to users,โ€ Helen A, Business Development & Partnerships at Mubert, elaborates. โ€œBecause NFTs are backed by blockchain, that path is seen in history.โ€

At the same time, the blockchain-backed tokens allow the distribution of generative music, since the genre canโ€™t be distributed on other music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud, among others. Since NFT platforms are already distributing music and generative digital art, from infinite collections with different levels of rarity to interactive experiences, generative music fits perfectly into the picture.

For this particular collaboration, Mubert acts as a mediator in launching and minting the NFT collection, meaning that the company doesnโ€™t make any income itself and sends all of the revenue back to the winning artists. โ€œThe launch of the first collection is a very exciting and important step for our project because Mubert wants to be one of the drivers of the creator economy,โ€ Alexey Kochetkov, Mubert co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, states. โ€œOne of our main goals is supporting musicians of all levels, especially the ones that are up and coming. Both the Open Call and the NFT launch were designed to do that and are a part of our bigger mission.โ€

The collection will consist of looped videos and visuals with soundtracks based on the winnersโ€™ music streams. Moreover, it will include bonus content in the form of a limited edition secret channel with exclusive additional sounds from the artists and AI. โ€œIt will [have] five copies per artwork, a total 50 NFTs with a fixed price, so actually anyone with a crypto wallet will be able to buy it,โ€ Paul Zgordan, co-founder and Chief Content Officer at Mubert, says. The collection is now available on Rarible.


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