Mubert launches Text-to-Music interface – a completely new way to generate music from a single text prompt


Mubert AI made their text-to-music engine available for all content creators. You can already use it on the Mubert Render website with a simple input form. You can enter anything — an abstract phrase, the name of a genre or mood, or a description of what is happening in your content. Mubert will generate a suitable track with duration up to 25 minutes.

Previously, only advanced Google Colab users could use the feature, which requires basic knowledge of programming. Also, the space on the Hugging Face provided such an opportunity, but with a limitation on the duration of the track. This space entered the top used tools on the Hugging Face along with another custom implementation “image-to-music“.

Following this, text-to-music became available in Mubert API for B2B clients. The feature has become the most requested by UGC app developers and small music stocks that are looking for a unique experience for their users.

Now the team is working on the next version of the engine to increase the relevance of the results. The demo version used only a part of the available data and algorithms, so there is a lot to improve the sound.

Go to the Mubert Render website to check the service – all users have 5 generations available without a subscription, and 25 attempts at the free Ambassador tier. The paid plan for $14 per month allows you to generate 500 tracks.

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Mubert is a platform powered by music producers that helps creators and brands generate unlimited royalty-free music with the help of AI. Mubert's mission is to empower and protect the creators. Our purpose is to democratize the Creator Economy.

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