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Mubert Advisers: Tristan Pollock

Tristan Pollock is a tech entrepreneur, community builder and startup investor who's directed $30M in venture capital into 200 companies as a Silicon Valley VC and as an accelerator director for 500 Startups.


I’m a virtual global mentor for a lot of different accelerators, says Tristan, I have experience mentoring startups through different VC and accelerator programs. I’m a mentor for Google For Startups Program, which comprises various programs around the world, as well as some that are more climate or social impact-focused, like Katapult in Norway or Norrsken, in Sweden. 

Tristan Pollock advises Mubert and helps its team with product hunts and anything business growth-related that can elevate the app performance. I think I just care about things that have to do with social impact or creativity. I want to help empower strong leaders that I believe in to do those things and to do things better. That’s my focus as a startup adviser, he adds. 

Mubert advisor Tristan Pollock

What matters to Tristan is the social impact of the startup he supports, as his main focus is community building when growing a company. He has collaborated with projects from such fusions as the intersection of art, retail and technology, or other ones that blend social issues and technology. The most recent project that Tristan oversees is called Cool Climate Collective. Their team invested about half a million dollars into climate tech startups. 

When it comes to Mubert and its mission of empowering creators and pairing musicians with AI to redefine the way music is created, experienced and licensed, Tristan admits that the app embodies the future where art meets digital solutions. 

I think Mubert is in this sweet spot of what is the future of creativity and technology. And I’ve always been very excited by artists and DJs that are creating tech products. I think that’s where Mubert has a really interesting narrative at the center of these two things – art and tech, and a vision of what that will become in the future as technology becomes more powerful. 

Tristan explained that what sets Mubert apart from other AI companies is its goal to fulfill the needs of artists and enhance their creative process: While AI and using the application to create music is still very new and not fully fleshed out yet, what Mubert has done well is constantly looking for where the biggest need is, and trying to find answers among their customers. 

Startup investor Tristan Pollock

When advising companies and supporting start-ups Tristan Pollock diagnoses the advantages and disadvantages of the project and tries to find the most innovative solutions. According to him, one of the common mistakes that start-ups make during their journey is leaning into who they are as a startup founder or like a startup team: I think sometimes people try to be someone they’re not or be something they’re not. 

He believes that what makes startups and innovation successful is to have a certain niche or a certain knowledge in the field: You take that and you apply it in a way that people haven’t done before. I think there are definitely frameworks you can copy, but I think it’s important to have that vision and that mission very well defined. So you know where you’re going and can build goals and timelines around that. And these goals kind of build into this north star of a mission that you have.

When asked about what piece of wisdom he would give to any start-up, Tristan answers simply: be your authentic self and do things that feel true to you

You can connect with Tristan on Twitter at @pollock

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