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How to Nurture the Spirit of Creativity

When it comes to cultivating your creative ingenuity, are you overwhelmed or in a rut? If so, taking the time to focus on the little things which cultivate inner joy just might be the solution you’ve been searching for. Whether it’s barefoot strolls in nature or daily meditations, taking the time to consciously experience moments which bring you joy will help you nourish and nurture your creativity. Read on to discover some hot tips and tricks to get you back into your groove.


1. Stroll barefoot in nature

When you feel as though you’re reaching burnout, you know it’s time to head to nature. Regardless of where you are in the world, there’s bound to be a hidden gem of undiscovered raw beauty nearby. Perhaps it’s a body of water, rugged mountains, mystical forests, barren deserts or tropical jungles… Perhaps your local au naturel scene is far more exotic than these… 

Regardless of location, leave your shoes by your doorstep and let your feet soak in earth’s bounty. By connecting with the earth, you let go of your current energetic charge, releasing negative emotions to the earth. You’ll feel the energetic shift for yourself as the earth’s electrons are transferred from the ground to your body. In order to receive this, the body’s electrical potential becomes equalized with the Earth’s electrical potential—which occurs when grounding barefoot. The body then becomes an extension of the Earth’s gigantic electric system. Research shows that the concept of barefoot grounding in the earth is as integral to human health as sunshine, clean air and water, physical movement and a nutritious diet. 

2. Lose yourself to the sound of H2O

Don’t stress if you find yourself in a rut… There’s a simple solution, as there always is in life. If possible, heading to a body of water is often one of the best creative resets out there. 

the sound of water

Natural bodies of water are known for their healing properties. But, don’t feel discouraged if that’s not an option. Head to a nearby pool, or start a bath in your own home. Whichever you choose, take time to focus on your breath and listen to the calming sound of the water. If you can, submerge yourself—it’s a total system reset, guaranteed.

Spending time in or surrounded by a body of water is beneficial to restarting the creative genius that lies within. This is because since the dawn of time, humans have associated water with healing properties. Thousands of years later, and you’ll find your closest kin vacationing near bodies of water. Water can induce a meditative state; you’re tuned in to the lulling sounds of lapping waves, yet not overwhelmed by distractions found in modern society.

Marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols believes we humans collectively have a “blue mind”—a mind which sees and feels blue, triggered by a mildly meditative state, when resting near bodies of water. Feeling blue? Worry not because being in a blue state of mind releases you from the creative rut you’ve been in all week. 

Instead of being overstimulated by screens or stress, the mind switches itself to the default mode network—the network associated with imagination, insight and introspection—allowing you to make new connections in the brain. If you’ve ever wondered why you have the best thoughts in the shower, now you know why. It’s all about the infinite power of the sound of H2O.

3. It’s all about meditation and self-reflection

Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. It’s all about the stillness of the body and focusing on the breath. Meditating, even for just fifteen minutes every day, can help you reconnect to yourself, to others, and help you visualize your dreams. It’s time to generate creativity, baby!

Not only will you reduce stress by releasing negative emotions stored in the body and mind, but you can also shift your mindset to vibrate higher and draw in positive energy. As you reconnect with yourself, you’ll have a clearer notion of what best suits your interests and can then begin to visualize showing up in society as your highest self. 

meditation and self-reflection

Furthermore, meditation counteracts symptoms of anxiety disorders. It’s incredibly difficult to visualize your highest self when you’re anxious and stressed. But, by removing the internal stressor through the power of breath, not only will you visualize your best self, but clarity and creative ingenuity come to you—effortlessly. 

Through meditation, negative self-beliefs and emotions are diminished; by releasing negative thoughts, you’ve created space for positive ones. The new space created in your mind can then welcome self-loving affirmations, universal gratitude and mental clarity. Meditation is so powerful that it holds promise for treating depression.

4. Mark Your Social Calendars…

Though it’s important to regenerate and recharge through more introverted measures, meeting new people is also a fantastic way to recharge. Sometimes there’s nothing more healing than a steaming cup of joe and engaging conversation. Moments like this may be few and far between, but if your gut instinct is telling you to mingle away at your cozy, local coffee shop then you know you must go.

Feel the endorphin rush as you meet and greet new people, engage in new conversations and exchange ideas. The potential behind the exchange of ideas is unlimited and infinite; consider conversation revolutionary when nurturing your creative spirit. You never know what dots you may connect in your own mind.

5. Dance and stretch your worries away

Physical movement allows you to release emotions stored in your body. The more you stretch and move your body, the more stagnant energy is released and the proper flow of energy is restored. Plus, who doesn’t love sweating out toxins? It’s arguably one of the best resets for the body. Cleanse the body, cleanse the mind.


Through dance, not only do you release emotions, but you also unblock your chakras. When you unblock your chakras, especially your sacral chakra, unleashing your creativity becomes so much easier. Instead of trying to force out creative ideas, the words just flow, the pictures are drawn and the vision is clear.

For the best results on nourishing the spirit of creativity, incorporate these life hacks into your daily and weekly routines. By implementing small, habitual changes like dancing, meditating or socializing at your local coffee shop into your routine, you’ll notice a positive shift in your mental state. The shift towards positivity greatly impacts your quality of life; and thus, the ability to get those creative juices flowing just became so much easier.

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