How can music help you stay focused while working from home?


Covid-19 is shifting working patterns as more companies switch to remote working. For many of those who have suddenly stopped coming into office, it might be hard to tune into working from quarantine.

Yes, it’s challenging to stay focused at home, in one step away from the stocked fridge, hearing the howling of a neighbor’s dog.

Music can be a handy tool for sustaining productivity in such situations.


Music provides non-invasive noise to effectively neutralize our unconscious attention system, scanning for anything important in our outer senses. Basically, it helps to create a soundscape that works as a barrier to distractions of the outside world.

Listening to Classics such as Vivaldi while working won’t be at all unusual, but it would be strange indeed trying to concentrate while listening to the dark techno.

This may seem obvious, but the type of background noise, or music for work, is essential.

No singing at a workplace

A familiar song can stimulate reward centers of your brain and make you feel better. But will it make you work better, though? According to scientific researches, background music with lyrics has significant adverse effects on concentration and attention. Listening to songs will likely reduce your performance on problem-solving.

This factor narrows the search for the best working tune.

Stick to the classics

Listening to classics – is a traditional way to focus. Space scientist and broadcaster, Prof. Lucie Green prefers baroque music when working – “I like ordered, very definite beats in the music I listen to. That can create a soundscape that stops me getting distracted by other noises.”

Listen to nature

Nature sounds – another wordless type of music that improves the mood and workplace productivity of employees according to recent psychological researches. However, it is unclear for scientists whether the positive effect is driven by a hard-order emotional association with the beauty of nature or just by a preference for the perceptual features typical of natural sound. Maybe it’s all about the dazzling beet of the rain in a jungle.

Stay tuned with electronic music

The last but not the least effective way to tune into working at home is – electronic music. It gives a great choice of tracks without lyrics. Maybe even too great, so that Mubert has recently added a special COVID-19 tab with music for work, study and isolation to our app. It has no adds and vocal, just an endless AI-generated stream of music for focus.

Catch the alpha-wave

Taking the right tempo might be the key to boosting your productivity while working at home

There is no ideal genre of music for work. It’s all about personal preferences. But faster-paced music elicits activation of beta waves in the brain. “Beta waves are characteristics of a strongly engaged mind. A person in active conversation would be in beta. A debater would be in high beta.” – explained famous American creativity researcher, Ned Herrmann.

A person who had a productive working day at home spends more time on the alpha-waves bay listening to ‘hasteless’ music with 5080 BPM.

If you are looking for a good readymade working-soundtrack – try the remote work channel by Mubert. Just choose your favorite genre, push the play, and dig into the pile of emails.

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