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Mubert project is a rapidly growing music streaming service with Russian roots. The essence of it is as follows: the algorithm selects samples made by musicians and generates endless music streams in real-time. Using these streams users can create their own, personalized music. Thus, with Mubert, you can personalize the music stream to your taste by setting the tempo, genre, mood, tonality and other parameters. By controlling the stream generation, the listener can get in the shoes of a musician.

“Mostly, people listen to Mubert during routine work, fitness, walking, and meditation,” says Alexei Kochetkov, CEO of the company. But ordinary listeners are not the only target audience for Mubert. The technology can be used by apps that create music for stories on Instagram, Facebook and other services. It can also assist professionals from the music and dance industries. Notable, generative music does not attempt to replace human artists, it rather complements the industry and creates a new niche.

The next step for the developers is to create an interface for interaction and collaboration with the AI via Mubert Pro platform. Musicians and sound designers will export parts of their tracks to this platform. After simple processing, the samples can be used both inside the author’s generative music work and inside the general adaptive streams consisting of completely different sounds – the choice of these sounds depends on the listener. The platform is in beta-test now.

In the future, all content creators will receive royalties for each reproduction of their sounds, Mubert expects. It is expected that the Mubert Business application for background music in public places and the mobile versions of Mubert Play for iOS and Android with paid streams will become the main monetization channels.


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Mubert is a platform powered by music producers that helps creators and brands generate unlimited royalty-free music with the help of AI. Mubert's mission is to empower and protect the creators. Our purpose is to democratize the Creator Economy.

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Democratizing the Creator Economy

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