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The Future of Music

Mubert is the worldwide technologic team building the innovative solutions for music lovers and music industry


Mubert was founded in Russia in 2016. Now company is incorporated and funded in Silicon Valley.

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Mubert is a team of 15 developers and researchers supported by the community of musicians.

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Our mission is to expand the music for listeners and musicians

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Increase your productivity with seamless AI music.
Focus on work and study.

What is Generative Music?

The combination of music and technology has created a new original form of creativity - Generative Music. It is an infinite stream of unique music, generated by an algorithm from samples created by musicians.

Each musician can create his generative streams within Mubert Platform Editor. Each stream consists of samples, sounds of one or several producers.

  • Infinite
  • Personal
  • Configurable


Our key technology is the realtime algorithm based on the laws of music theory, mathematics and creative experience. Generation of music is based on dynamic arrangement created in realtime by AI using listener's personal data.

Mubert is Realtime

Mubert is not a radio. Mubert produces music right here, right now. Music depends on the current moment and never repeats itself. Easy as it is. No need to search tracks, browse genres and make playlists. Just turn it on and put it in your pocket.

Mubert is Adaptive

Use Mubert anywhere you go. Enjoy new music every walk, sports or yoga practice. Work, relax, dance and meditate with Mubert. Soon Mubert will feel your tastes, mood, steps, location, heartbeat and generate your personal soundtrack.

Mubert is Flexible

Upgrade your business with the licensed unique music. All musicians streams are produced on machine-generated licenses, based on law algorithms and smart contracts.


Mubert Platform

Modern Instrument for Generative Music Production

Create and monetize streams, organize samples and discover the opened statistics

Future of Music Production

Mubert is fundamentally new way for music creation. Mubert is free, opened, clean and well organized musician's tool for musicians, producers, djs and labels. Participate our philosophy and become the first pioneer of the new music era.

Mubert is Modern

Realtime music creation and content personalization is one of the most anticipated trends of media business. We give each musician the opportunity to create dynamic generative music.

Mubert is Clean

Royalty payments are based on mathematical algorithms and smart contracts and depend only on statistical data: plays, duration, likes etc. Each sample can earn money for you.

Mubert is Opened

Powerful analytics system allows you to analyze statistics of any producer. Learn your auditory by age, gender, tastes and interests. See the dynamics of your popularity and understand global music trends.


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