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Worldwide copyright-protected AI-generated music via API

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Product Overview

AI-generated music via API

Infinite customization, cost-efficiency & legal compliance can help businesses fix key music industry pain points


50%+ lower fees

Compared to average royalty payouts to labels

100% Legal

Licensed content from the world’s fifth database

100% Worldwide

Without regard to copyright policies across the board

Unlimited genres

To cater to businesses’ every needs and challenges

100% Personalized

Music that can be manually adjusted in real-time

100% Customizable

Streaming technology designed to match any context

Stream legally worldwide

We will provide your business a 100%-legally-compliant Music API


AI-generated music

Mubert is based on a complex of music & maths algorithms and delivers an unlimited number of realtime-generated neverending music streams in any genre & mood

Technology Overview

How Mubert works?

Using a huge database of human-made sounds, Mubert creates nonstop customizable music, that can be streamed, saved & shared


(1) AI generates unique music in 30+ moods & genres

The number of genres & customizations can be infinitely expanded and depends on customer needs

(2) You obtain an unrestrained streaming license via API

You purchase a streaming license depending on the number of end users and subscription period

(3) You stream music to users via your custom UI

You can stream music 24/7 with no additional charges for broadcast duration, amount of genres & streams


License types

Live streaming

Stream music in a wide variety moods & genres 24/7 in your custom interface via API

Playlists & tracks

Let your users download & share generated tracks in their stories, videos and any other use cases

End-to-end API music solutions

For businesses and enterprises

Mubert fixes key B2B music industry pain points due to a unique combination of 4 features: (1) Endlessly diverse & customizable music streams, (2) Cost-efficiency, (3) 100% combatibility with any online or offline platform, (4) Legal compliance worldwide

Industry Expertise

Build smarter & more interactive services with powerful music solutions catered to your specific industry use cases

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