Wired: Generative Music Apps Let Your Phone Write Songs for You

Who needs Spotify playlists? These apps create truly endless tunes to match whatever mood you desire. Long read about Generative Music on Wired.

Source: https://www.wired.com/story/generative-music-apps/

May 31, 2019

Mubert, the world’s first generative streaming service, invites listeners to choose an intention like Study, Relax, or Dream to produce a one-time-only sequence of electronic sounds. (It’s free, though “premium” channels like Meditate cost $0.99 per month; an updated app is slated to land on June 6.) The result is something like listening to a DJ you’re quite sure you’ve heard before.

Of course, these machine-generated compositions have their artistic limits. The sounds are strictly electronic—Céline Dion this is not. At their bleakest, the compositions can resemble goosed-up elevator music. Some of the apps produce a relentless stream of dub-techno or rigid house music, likely aimed at the college stoner crowd. (Mubert includes High as one of its six activities)

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