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Improve your app retention by enabling users to create their own tunes for stories

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What do we do

We provide royalty-free music for public & commercial usage



Social media and messengers aim to attract users and increase engagement by offering original features

Social media are the most popular online resources, after search engines. Nowadays it is hard to find a person who does not actively utilize social networks and messengers on a daily basis. Under the conditions of an oversaturated market, businesses struggle to attract users’ attention and are forced to constantly come up with new features that will let them stand out and increase retention.


Use cases

  • Social Media Apps
  • Messangers
  • Chat Rooms
  • Voice Chats
  • Chat Games


An original feature of instant soundtracking powered by innovative music technology

We offer to supplement your app's arsenal with an original function of instant soundtracking for users' photos and videos. Our algorithm generates unique music at one tap and creates vivid musical postcards for users to share in their stories or send directly to their friends. The algorithm generates an infinite number of variations for each user to be able to find music to his taste. Unique adjustable music lets to soundtrack stories, posts, streams and any public online content without restrictions in accordance with Article 13.

Improve your app retention by allowing users to create their own tunes for stories

Mubert API

Music that helps your business grow

Mubert API improves such key financial and ops metrics as acquisition, installs, retention, and average session time while optimizing costs for license music and delivering unique UX.  

100% Legal

Music is owned by a proprietary algorithm and can be freely broadcasted

100% Worldwide

Without regard to copyright policy in whatever specific country

100% Personilized UX

Music can be adjusted by users in real-time

50%+ lower fees

Compared to average royalty payouts to labels

Improved metrics & optimization levers

  • Increased number of installs due to distinctive positioning against peers through offering an original feature powered by an innovative technology;
  • Lower costs for license music content with full elimination of legal risks;
  • Higher retention rate and increased session duration due to featuring a tool for creating unique content;
  • Client satisfaction rate growth due to offering exclusive UX;
  • Increased install-to-first launch conversion & user lifecycle due to stronger emotional connection with users, feeling of newness and improved brand image.


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