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What do we do

We provide royalty-free music for public & commercial usage



Gaming companies need an affordable way to provide diverse background music

Music is an integral part of games, it dynamically supports the action and creates the right atmosphere. Providing a variety of license background music is expensive, and creating an original soundtrack is time-consuming and complex. Also, monotonous music can be annoying, which forces users to spend less time in the game.


Use cases

  • Online games
  • Gaming platforms


Seamless customizable music score

We offer a never-ceasing music stream that can be customized in different ways: for certain levels and moments within a game, personalized for certain users or with an option of real-time manual control. An innovative solution that will diversify gaming experience and reduce costs for original license music by 50%+. It can also be used as an element of the monetization program when used as a paid feature. Royalty-free music provides an additional opportunity to use content with visualization during streaming without strikes or bans for copyright infringement.

Get the most innovative music technology available on the market

Mubert API

Music that helps your business grow

Mubert API improves such key financial and ops metrics as retention rate, life-time value and session duration with lower costs for copyright content.

100% Legal

Music is owned by a proprietary algorithm and can be freely broadcasted

100% Worldwide

Without regard to copyright policy in whatever specific country

100% Personilized UX

Music can be adjusted by users in real-time

50%+ lower fees

Compared to average royalty payouts to labels

Improved metrics & optimization levers

  • Increased average session duration through seamless diverse background music stream that improves perception of time spent in the game.
  • Higher retention rate due to distinctive positioning and using an innovative technology.
  • Elevated customer lifetime value due to new monetization options and offering a more diverse user experience.


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