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Attract more users by adding endless customizable music streams that foster fitness activity

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We provide royalty-free music for public & commercial usage



A rapidly growing market requires new solutions to attract users and increase revenue

The market of fitness and workout apps evolves at an enormous pace: by 2026 it will grow from $2bn to $15bn per year. There are 320,000 health & fitness apps in major app stores with a total of 380,000,000 users. In an oversaturated market, apps need to constantly invent new ways to retain users and remain at the forefront.


Use cases

  • Fitness Apps
  • Workout Apps
  • Yoga Apps
  • Running Apps
  • Sport Brand Apps


Uplifting & energizing in-app music

A wide variety of personalized music streams with adjustable tempo that will set the right mood for a productive workout or peaceful meditation. No more switching between fitness and music apps, the ever-ceasing amount of seamlessly playing music allows users to stay focused on their practice while increasing customer satisfaction rate and loyalty.

Attract more users by adding endless customizable music streams that foster fitness activity

Mubert API

Music that helps your business grow

Mubert API improves such key financial and ops metrics as installs, conversions, retention rate, and free-to-premium conversion due to innovative approach and distinctive positioning.

100% Legal

Music is owned by a proprietary algorithm and can be freely broadcasted

100% Worldwide

Without regard to copyright policy in whatever specific country

100% Personilized UX

Music can be adjusted by users in real-time

50%+ lower fees

Compared to average royalty payouts to labels

Improved metrics & optimization levers

  • Improved free-to-payed conversion when used as a premium feature within freemium apps due to UX personalization;
  • Increased acquisition rate and number of app installs due to offering a unique feature and distinctive positioning against peers;
  • ARPU and session duration growth due to positive emotions, the “right” type of music (genre, tempo, volume and intensity) and increased usability of the app;
  • Building a stronger brand & increasing customer satisfaction through the whole user lifecycle by soundtracking an in-app experience.


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