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Expand your database to infinity while radically reducing costs

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What do we do

We provide royalty-free music for public & commercial usage



High copyright fees in the face of constant demand for new content

B2B music providers aim to expand their database to be able to offer music in a vide variety of genres to meet needs of each customer. Copyright laws keep getting stricter, vary from country to country, which makes it hard to enable a universal solution for businesses worldwide.


Use cases

  • B2B Music Providers
  • HoReCa music providers
  • Retail Music Providers
  • Branding & Marketing Agencies


A never-ceasing amount of music that can be legally used worldwide without restraint

Music streams are generated in real-time and can be manually adjusted, users can choose from various moods and genres to match any context. This technology completely illuminates legal risks and the need to perpetually buy new content. It also contributes to client satisfaction by solving the issue of HoReCa workers getting tired of monotonous music. Generative music is proved to stimulate motivation, which will make workers more efficient and improve their perception of the working environment.

Expand your database to infinity while radically reducing costs

Mubert API

Music that helps your business grow

Mubert API improves such key financial and ops metrics as retention rate and LTV while eliminating legal risks and minimalizing costs for licensed content.

100% Legal

Music is owned by a proprietary algorithm and can be freely broadcasted

100% Worldwide

Without regard to copyright policy in whatever specific country

100% Personilized UX

Music can be adjusted by users in real-time

50%+ lower fees

Compared to average royalty payouts to labels

Improved metrics & optimization levers

  • Radically reduced costs for copyright-protected content with full elimination of legal risks;
  • Higher retention rate & LTV due to improved customer experience by offering a wide variety of diverse music;
  • Building a stronger brand & increasing customer satisfaction
    by using an innovative technology that contributes to customers’ wellbeing.


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