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Make users consume more books by increasing joy of reading with mood tailored background music

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What do we do

We provide royalty-free music for public & commercial usage



App developers aim to provide a more versatile experience

The need to attract users’ attention in a crowded market is relevant for everyone, and reading applications are no exception. Developers look for new features to supplement their functionality with unique features and provide users with the best possible experience.


Use cases

  • Reading apps
  • Audiobook apps


Built-in background music player for better concentration and immersion

Many people tend to listen to background music while reading. We offer to equip your app with a player that will generate customizable everlasting music streams for users to entirely focus on one app while reading. Such music helps to concentrate on the text, supports the narrative and makes user want to spend more time on the app. The stream can be manually adjusted according to player’s preferences with ability to choose from a wide variety of genres, to coincide with user’s mood and plot twists. This may be used as a premium feature and will increase free-to-premium conversion.

Make users consume more books by increasing joy of reading with mood tailored background music

Mubert API

Music that helps your business grow

  • Increased acquisition and number of installs due to distinctive positioning;
  • Longer average session time due to uninterrupted soundtracking of in-app experience;
  • Higher retention rate due to improved and potentially personalized UX;
  • Increased free-to-premium conversion due to adding an original feature that brings user experience to the new level.
  • Complete elimination of legal risks and radically lower fees for license content.

100% Legal

Music is owned by a proprietary algorithm and can be freely broadcasted

100% Worldwide

Without regard to copyright policy in whatever specific country

100% Personilized UX

Music can be adjusted by users in real-time

50%+ lower fees

Compared to average royalty payouts to labels

Improved metrics & optimization levers


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