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Mubert Pro is a sample-based web-app for musicians

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Mubert is the ios/android application that uses Artificial Intelligence to arrange human-made samples in seamless non-stop music streams. We call it Generative music. Upload your sample-packs and publish your streams right in the app. Share the links with your audience or get featured in special categories for selected creators.

Share your music in Mubert app

Our total audience is ~ 1,000,000 trendsetting people from all over the world joined the experiment called Generative music.

Categories you can be featured in:

  • Daily / everyday only one new stream
  • Experimental / all your freak and wierd ideas
  • Deep / deep sounds and beats
  • Groove / funky & groovy beats

How to start?

  1. Create a free account on Mubert Pro
  2. Create a stream and upload your sample-pack
  3. Tag or edit the samples
  4. Publish the stream and get the public link
  5. Share the link with your audience
  6. And wait for the featuring approval

Sound & Technology

Each generative stream is a sample-pack published on Mubert Pro. The more samples you have the more variative the result will be. Each listener will get his own combination each time the stream is launched. That’s how you get the exclusive UX.

The Idea of Samples Recycling

Give the new life to your sounds and loops

All of us have tons of musical ideas: unfinished demos, projects and loops that you like but can’t finish as a track. We offer you to use them in a new way: create Generative music. Upload them to Mubert Pro and give them a new life.

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