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Are you a Video editor or Social network? Provide your audience with the smartest music ever.

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What we do

— we help Video editors with music content for their users

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Original content

We use millions of high-quality samples to deliver absolutely original music with power of AI

Cleared license

Tons of royalty-free music cleared for personal & commercial use worldwide (UGC, ads, live-streams, Youtube, Facebook, Twitch)

Easy to start

Choose between playlists or API access. Start today.

✨ More than music — more fun!

Smart search

You can choose between moods, genres, bpm, weather, hashtags or even 👩‍🎤 emoji — and Mubert will deliver the most relevant content!

Adjustable duration

Get tracks of any duration. Doesn't matter if it's a 10-second jingle or an endless stream, Mubert generates full arrangement with good build up, drops, climax, and outro.

💥 Killer Feature

User-generated tracks

Let your users create their own tracks with one button. Mubert will generate a unique track of selected mood or genre that can be shared worldwide without strike risks.

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