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What we do

— we help Health & Fitness apps get functional music

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Curated content

30+ activity channels curated by professionals & designed specifically for running, workouts, yoga, meditation & sleep

Endless mixes & tracks

Choose between (1) tracks of any duration or (2) nonstop never-ending streams

Worldwide license

A single license that allows to use music in any country

⚡ Smart music helps you beat records

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Sleep & calm

Find your perfect sleep & calm music among more than 20 curated categories. Use cases:

  • Sleep music
  • Alarm tunes
  • Meditations & yoga
  • Breathe practices

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Use case →

Focus & concentrate

More than 10 non-stop smooth music streams designed for focusing & flow practices. Use cases:

  • Focus sessions
  • Time Trackers
  • Guided meditations
  • Productivity apps

Use case →

Active & sport

More than 30 curated streams in certain mood and pace designed to improve training performance. API allows to match music with activity. Use cases:

  • Running & cycling
  • Freestyle workouts
  • Interval training
  • Pre-defined workouts
  • Instructor-led live workouts

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with exclusive features

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BPM-driven beats

Full range of tempos from very slow meditative ambient to 180 BPM running music.

  • Sleep: 40-60 BPM
  • Meditation: 40-60 BPM
  • Yoga: 40-80 BPM
  • Workout: 80-200 BPM
  • Run: 120-180 BPM

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Interval music

Mubert can match music to workout intervals without pauses by mixing music intensity on-the-go

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Smart watch integration

Connect heartrate, pace, cadence or any other input to music and get the relevant stream

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