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Mubert for Venues

Get licensed music for your public space. Worldwide.

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What we do

we provide royalty-free music for commercial use in public spaces

Curated content

30+ channels designed to complement atmosphere of any place

Worldwide license

A universal license that grants access to all the content in any country

Easy to start

Sign the agreement & start streaming today (needs internet connection)

Infinite soundtrack for your places

Pick music for specific business tasks and watch Mubert help you out. No more DIY playlists, commission fees and complex deals with copyright holders. Simply select the mood and hear Mubert does the magic for you. Create proper atmosphere and see customers enjoy.

Fixed price

The subscription fee does not depend on venue size or number of seats

Always fresh playlists

There is no need to update playlists - it happens automatically

Worldwide license

You can stream music worldwide according to the License Agreement

Mood-based curated content

Choose the mood or genre that defines the atmosphere of your venue. Make visitors feel exactly how they should.

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Describe your business and we will do the best

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