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What is Generative Music?

Generative music is created in real time by the algorithm from the human-made sounds of one or several music producers. Generative music gets released and published as streams in Mubert app, games, videos and commercial projects for brands.


Each stream is an infinite 'live' track that is constantly changing. You can’t rewind generative music as it is created in real time. Meaning you get ultimate experimental electronic music that is only available in one place: on Mubert, the #1 generative music streaming app.


The richer the platform gets with samples, the more variants generative stream can offer. Each replay re-starts the generative process so it sounds different to every listener. That’s how you get exclusive music.

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Technology that conquered asia

The core of Mubert audience consists of seasoned music lovers who are always on the lookout for unique sound and experimental offers in the industry. Originally, generative technology was embraced on the Asian market: so far the majority of Mubert listeners are the trendsetters hailing from Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Mubert App

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Generative music market

  • Commercial customers
  • Brands' special projects
  • Youtube and Twitch channels
  • Mobile applications

Unique music for unique people

From newly-born ambitious technology to fully operating player on the market, generative music is quickly gaining power and influence in music industry.

More and more international companies start using this technology in their own business tasks: from retail to gaming, from advertising to HoReCa.

Generative music is the logical evolutionary step of streaming and using music content. Generative music is available via two type of licensing: for personal use via Mubert Play app and for commercial use in public spaces via Mubert Business platform.

Brand new streaming

For Creators

Create and monetize generative music

For Labels

Promote creators and share royalties

For Distributors

New business model for your sample database


It’s up for us to build a new marketplace that will leave every player a winner.

Generative technology already allows analyzing each sample’s performance. And in the future it will allow building fairer and transparent distribution of royalties. Generative music has limitless usage potential and its monetization creates a competitive way for the artists to make money.


Become a pioneer of the new music wave

Our community already has hundreds of artists, tens of thousands of samples and our algorithm can generate countless streams of music. The best part? Our database will only continue to grow.

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