One night in Lisbon (Venture Party)

November 5, 2019

Mubert is the general partner & attendee of the VC party One night in Lisbon. More than 200 tech entrepreneurs & investors will meet each other on the event organized together with Forbes Russia, The Untitled Ventures and Vinci PR Agency. Mubert’s founder & CEO Alexey Kochetkov will deliver a speech alongside other CEOs of trendsetting tech companies.

The party will take place as a part of Web Summit on November 6, 2019. Being focused on tech investments and networking this event is a great place for the establishment of partnership with international companies and building bridges between international investors and startups in terms of digital economies development.

Throughout the evening, Mubert AI will generate background music for all venue zones. It is a demonstration of the great potential of the AI-generated music technology.

Web Summit is the best technology conference on the planet according to Forbes and has been held annually since 2009. The main topics of the 2019 summit are high technology, data science, design, and environmental sustainability. 

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