Royalty-free music
for content creators

Free to download. Free to use.

What we do

we provide royalty-free music for personal & commercial use

Free plan

Use our music for free with a simple attribution

Curated content

Hundreds of high-quality tracks in popular moods & genres

Worldwide license

A universal license that grants access to all the content in any country

Simple & smart

Create a professional impression and make the most of your podcasts

With Mubert, you don’t have to be an expert in music licensing to highlight some sections of your podcast with a catchy jingle. Consider all copyright and production fees covered by our AI.

AI won’t ask for royalties

All our music is generated by AI. This modest hardwired ‘composer’ doesn’t aspire for the glory of Elvis or Beyonce’s royalties and is always ready to create you a couple of royalty-free tracks pro bono.

Why Mubert?

— we help Health & Fitness apps get functional music

100% legal for streaming

30+ activity channels curated by professional advisers & designed specifically for running, workouts, yoga, meditation & sleep

Professional sounding

Choose between (1) regular tracks of any duration or (2) nonstop & neverending streams mixed without any stops, pauses & interruptions

An extensive selection of moods&genres

100% legal music cleared for any social platform, commercial usage, public venue or advertisment