Mubert partners with To the Moon

November 5, 2019

Mubert is signed as a partner & music provider of the gaming platform To the Moon.
We are happy to start a long journey of gamedev partnerships with the first integration to the online game called To the Moon. We have already been integrated to the game streaming platform Omlet Arcade with more than 1 million MAU and now we are ready to offer an API catered to the specific Game Development Industry.

Mubert generates original never-ending music streams with no copyright issues available via API. Mubert solves pains and head aches with copyrights and give the new opportunities for independent game developers to integrate AI-generated music to their platforms and provide the unique user experience.

The collaboration will be presented during the To the Moon gala conference. During the whole event dedicated to more than just a game (but the whole universe of cryptosociety representatives and gamers) Mubert is producing the background music the way it is going to play throughout the game: endless, non-stop electronic music.

Mubert demonstrates the benefits of generative content use in games, reducing the copyright & production fees as well as players’ UX improvement.

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