August 27, 2019

Muzak. It’s the background music you hear when you enter a shopping mall, elevator, or restaurant.

Love it or hate it, muzak helps set the mood of the space you’re visiting and removes all the awkward silences between conversations. But, to play muzak over the establishment’s sound system, reputable businesses have to pay royalties to the creators.

Now, artificial intelligence — which is already affecting much of our daily lives — has come to the world of background music.

Mubert is a new service that uses AI to generate original background music for businesses, public spaces, and more. What’s more, Mubert can react to internet of things devices and sensors.

How does it work?

Mubert creates generative music, which is produced and mixed via its AI algorithms. The solution compiles a constant stream of muzak from sounds and patterns written by real-life composers and producers.

A self-learning musical AI, Mubert uses a vast database of high-quality sounds to generate music in any genre or mood. The service broadcasts non-stop never-ending music via its API. The audio stream is flexible and adaptive to external commands or device sensors.

APIs can give businesses as much music as they need. This technology can be groundbreaking for the gaming industry, voice assistants, smart homes, commercial music providers, and many more. We provide the global business landscape with the cheapest model of musical arrangement that is unique and highly relevant.

Alex Kochetkov, CEO at Mubert

Mubert can even adapt to the constant music stream to its environment, including weather, location, and time. Mubert can be controlled via a smartphone, as well as voice assistants.

Copyright © Unsplash

Copyright © Unsplash

And since the stream is copyright-free, there are no royalties to pay. The user pays a subscription, chooses a mood, genre, or activity, and either sets the service to play immediately or on a schedule.

But Mubert isn’t just useful for business and public area environments. It is also helping to solve a perennial problem for gamers — music copyright violations.

Omlet Arcade, a mobile gaming and live-streaming community with over 1 million monthly active users, has established a partnership with Mubert. As a result, four background channels have been integrated with gaming streams, providing copyright, and royalty-free background music for recorded gameplay.

“We have 65,205 unique live streamers using the Mubert music pilot in the last 30 days,” co-founder and CEO at Omlet Arcade, TJ Purtell, said. “They have created 77,935 hours of live content with the music embedded. Generative music is a truly innovative solution for empowering live streamers to drive their content quality without risking the dreaded copy-strike.”

Generative music is a truly innovative solution for empowering live streamers to drive their content quality without risking the dreaded copy-strike.

TJ Purtel, CEO at Omlet Arcade

Omlet Arcade, GVC streaming

Omlet Arcade, GVC streaming

Mubert’s also has a partnership with Bookmate, an international book reading service, providing an opportunity for users to read their favorite literature to generative music. It has also collaborated with Adidas for an advertising campaign, providing AI-generated music for a “secret channel” that was made available to seven thousand customers.

Mubert is available as an app for both iOS and Android, and as an API for brands, music producers, and other apps.

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