Mubert for Running Open Test Run: world’s first generative music app seeks to mobilize runners from all across the globe

November 18, 2019

An innovative AI-powered music technology designed to solve problems in various fields of peoples lives now comes with a groundbreaking solution for running enthusiasts and urges them to participate in an open test run.

Mubert has already successfully launched three generative music apps that create everlasting and seamless music streams across a range of various music genres. The different music channels are designed to improve peoples performance under different circumstances, helping them to focus, to get inspired or simply to relax. Now Mubert has turned its attention to the running community with the aim of making their lives easier and to take their running experience up to a new level. The new music-tech initiative was inspired by a simple idea: the vast majority of joggers listen to music whilst running, which creates a demand for universal music streams at a pace that will complement their ideal stride rate. Up until now, there has been no comprehensive solution available to them, that is about to change.

Most experts agree on the fact that maintaining a stable pace whilst running is important: it helps to improve the running times and can reduce the risk of getting an injury. The frequency with which your feet hit the ground while running or simply the total number of steps you take per minute is called your step cadence. Maintaining your ideal step cadence helps contribute to improving your technique and your speed, and it helps you to run more efficiently so that you exert less effort. Of course there are already gadgets on the market that help you to maintain your ideal step cadence: for example a watch with a stride counting function, or a sensor built into running shoes. But Mubert offers a much more fun way to do this, and it will solve two problems at once.

Muberts idea is as simple as it gets: your step cadence (steps per minute) naturally and subconsciously follows your musics BPM (beats per minute). The app will have several channels available for a choice of different running paces with each channel coinciding with a certain mood and genre. Artificial intelligence functions generate non-disturbing and non-distracting music streams in real-time, with no interruptions or ads to distract the runner and so will help them stay focused and motivated. Here is the example:

If you would like to participate in an open test run for this unparalleled new running tech initiative, simply download For: Background Music from the App Store, go to the Activetab and choose a channel at your desired running pace. You are then all set to get free access to an unlimited stream of seamless music, created especially for runners like you. In return, all Mubert asks is that you to give us feedback on your running experience. This feedback will help us to help you to run more efficiently by letting your running experience keep pace with our revolutionary modern technologies.

You can find more info at our landing page:

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