September 5, 2020

When AI-powered music meets AR-generated visuals 

What can be more avantgarde than a virtual reality mask in the modern pandemic world? Meet 3D Artist, AR Creator Alexandr Surnin, and his experimental project Paratmetrika.  
This Kyiv-based creator has a unique, synesthetic vision, which is on full display in his latest augmented reality art series. 
To see how your Instagram profile might look in several years — check out BlackGold, Synesthesia and three other AR-effects with meanings behind the masks by Surnin.

Some day we might thank global lockdown for solitary time and precious self-discoveries. 

Imagine you could ‘hear’ the sound.

Unpractical engineering automatically becomes art. 

Technology never fails to amaze. 

What if we are just a highly abstract form of a more immense consciousness? 

We are glad that Mubert could play a part in Paratmetrika: 
“Using background music by Mubert for my content became an ideal continuation of the original project idea since AI-powered music is also a generative art.” – Alexandr Surnin. As a co-founder of Areyes Studio, Alexandr collaborates with his fellow creatives to build augmented reality for global brands.  
You can learn more about Alexandr and his body of work here.

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