How to buy music for commercial use

December 10, 2019

When you ask how to buy music for commercial use, even the most experienced entrepreneurs shrug their hands. Complicated regulation and high artist royalty payouts repel anyone looking for music to soundtrack their projects. Consequently, entrepreneurs miss the potential benefits of music marketing instruments.

10 years ago illegal music usage would not cause you much trouble, but now the rules have changed. Everything is closely monitored: from content creators and streamers who get strikes for smallest pieces of other people’s music to large companies with multi-million dollar lawsuits for petty copyright infringement.

At the same time, the legal use of music, especially made by popular artists, is extremely expensive these days. For most companies options to acquire music are limited to purchasing from B2B music providers that usually have very limited variance of music in their libraries. Other options include using copyright-free music or hiring composers.

This state of affairs led us to a decision to build the Mubert Business platform, where entrepreneurs can get unlimited music content for a humble price, personalize it to perfectly fit their needs or even integrate endless custom music to a project via API.

Our technology not only allows business owners to simply add music, but also to take the full advantage of music marketing. Mubert AI can compose music for different places, like shops, hotels and more in various genres and moods. Moreover, the music is customizable and can adapt both to user actions and external factors – time of day, visitor traffic, weather and many more. In addition, all the music rights are owned by our company, so no royalty fees or legal claims you have to worry about.

Moreover, our API is perfect for in-app integrations. It provides your users with endless music streams in any style, genre or mood and functionality to customize it on-the-go. No more worries about music search and licensing: our royalty-free music is always accessible for you in any quantity.

In essense, Mubert is your simple, cheap and flexible way to get legal music for commercial use.

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