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Sleep Music

AI-generated music. Demo channel.

AI Music for Sleep *

* Also available in Mubert API

Don’t sleep on the innovative way of shutting your mind off and wandering into the dreamland. Every time you’re having troubles falling asleep, use Mubert’s seamless stream of soothing generative electronic music to help you transition into total relaxation.


AI-generated music

Mubert is based on a complex of music & maths algorithms and delivers an unlimited number of realtime-generated neverending music streams in any genre & mood

How does it work?

Mubert’s unique algorithm creates and streams electronic generative music in real time, based on the samples from our extensive database. Every day new samples are added to the stream to support endless and seamless flow of one-of-a-kind work music.

About Mubert

Mubert is an AI music solution for any business, platform & use case. Mubert delivers worldwide copyright-protected AI-generated music via API. Infinite customization, cost-efficiency & legal compliance can help businesses fix key music industry pain points.

Mubert Play

Mubert is a modern music app that plays nonstop no-ads music in several moods. Pick your activity or genre and enjoy endless music.

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