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Generative Loft music

In the right hands, a loft can be turned into pretty much anything: it can be a place to work, play, sleep, and party. The same way Mubert is there to cater to your every need with its unique never-repeating, a never-stopping algorithm that relies on AI to create a seamless electronic wave of the future.

What is Demo channel?

Each generative channel is based on a fixed number of tags which algorithm uses to create endless streams with different levels of variability. The more samples channel has, the more diverse the stream sounds. Our website allows you to listen to the streams with low variability (up to 36 samples).

Full version is available as the App on the App Store and Google Play

How does it work?

Mubert’s unique algorithm creates and streams electronic generative music in real time, based on the samples from our extensive database. Every day new samples are added to the stream to support endless and seamless flow of one-of-a-kind work music.

About Mubert

Mubert Inc is a tech company that creates innovative opportunities for the development of music industry. Every day we come up with new ideas that redefine the past and will change the way we consume music content tomorrow. Our global goal is to let every listener receive unique music content, based on his/her taste and needs.

#1 generative music app

Mubert Play is the new music app with generative music algorithm. Endless experimental electronic music one click away. Pick your activity, genre or mood and enjoy infinite generative sound.

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