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Sound Communication

Music is the most native language for any kind of people. Give your audience the opportunity to communicate to each other with the music using our custom API solutions.

Audio Branding

Find your own sound. Create your own music channel, the audio DNA that will totally describe the philosophy of your brand and will always go with your customers.

Mubert Solutions


Mubert music generating technology doesn’t rely on standard licensing. All rights belong to the algorithm. Forget about copyright issues.

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We offer the API access for several use cases, also we are opened to more complex collaborations. Feel free to share your ideas on business@mubert.com

The most modern music solution ever

collab: miller + mubert + bbdo


Mubert & Miller Future Music project allows anyone to contribute an infinite track formed in real time in collaboration with machine intellect. Emotions, external features and characteristics of each person influence the continuous music track, giving it a whole new meaning.



  • PR Value 19,000,000
  • 6 mins ang time
  • FWA Award
  • Gold in Mixx Awards

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