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Taking creativity one step further

There’s a new way of creating, experiencing, and licensing music — and it has to do with AI


In its 2019 report, McKinsey writes that 70% of companies will have at least one AI technology by 2030, with AI having the potential to generate an additional $13 trillion by that year. While some artists consider it a sign to start worrying that algorithms will take over their future careers, artificial intelligence will have a palpable impact on the music-making process and the concept of creativity — from Sony introducing “Daddy’s Car” generated by AI in 2016 to IBM Watson co-writing “Not Easy” with Alex Da Kid, it already has a presence in the music industry.

Mubert wants to become one of the drivers of AI in this creative field while empowering creators and democratizing the creator economy. “At Mubert, we think that there’s a new way of creating, experiencing, and licensing music,” Marko Nykoliuk, Mubert’s Chief Product Officer, begins.

An AI-powered platform and marketplace, Mubert helps creators and businesses reinvent the way in which they make music, collaborate, and monetize their creativity. With Mubert Render, you are able to upload your sample packs and, after they are processed by Mubert AI, generate tracks that can then be selected by content creators, purchased by brands, and even dropped as NFTs.

This allows artists to focus on brainstorming new musical ideas, while AI takes care of the production and distribution of that music. “Imagine selling 100 tracks made out of one single sample pack with the help of AI, instead of spending days or weeks composing them yourself,” Marko says. Moreover, the algorithm helps you sift through vast amounts of information faster than before, broadening your pool of ideas.

Making a living by creating music is a challenge for many artists, especially in post-COVID reality. The growing creator economy opens up new opportunities for musicians. It allows them to build closer relationships with their audience through platforms like Patreon and OnlyFans, or directly license their compositions for use in other media, which is what Mubert offers.

With the upcoming Artists tab (which you can apply for here), you will be able to lock some content behind a paywall, giving you the opportunity to offer exclusive music content and more control over where your music goes. Contributing a sample pack of at least 30 samples to Mubert Studio, musicians can earn $0.50 per sample or up to 80% from royalties. “Our goal is to let you create generative music as effortlessly as posting on Twitter, and then doing some more work on your behalf to get this music licensed,” Nykoliuk elucidates. “Capture your feelings as loops and upload them to Mubert to form packs.”

What stands at the core of Mubert’s mission is empowering and protecting creators and democratizing the creator economy, which remains one of the company’s main focuses today. Currently, Mubert is set on developing a fair royalty system through Mubert Render. “This is not a common music stock of low-quality music — we are creating a unique ecosystem where sound producers will be able to sell their works directly to content creators,” Marko says. We are determined to make music licensing less stressful, get rid of the attitude of artists’ creativity devaluation, unite sound producers and content creators and create a new ecosystem, all with the help of AI.

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