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Mubert Render for Artists webinar

Learn all about Mubert’s “Artists” feature by signing up for our upcoming webinar


With the launch of the “Artists” tab on Mubert Render, Mubert has prepared a “Mubert Render for Artists” webinar, which will take place on September 23, 2021. “We want to show you the possibilities of our new product from the music producers’ point of view,” says Paul Zgordan, Mubert’s co-founder and Chief Content Officer. “You can learn how to monetize your sounds with this platform and how to find a new audience from the creators economy segment.” One of the important goals of this webinar is to get your feedback in order to make the service even more useful.

An AI-powered platform and marketplace, Mubert helps creators and businesses reinvent the way they make music, collaborate, and monetize their creativity — this new feature lets you do just that. Now, musicians will be able to upload their sample packs that, after they’re processed by Mubert’s AI, will be used to generate tracks. While the “Artists” tab is a new notion, musicians were already able to upload their sample packs. Music is only generated after the samples have been processed by Mubert AI. Since the algorithm needs to understand which sounds to use and their overall compatibility. Once the tracks are ready, they can be selected by content creators, purchased by brands, and even dropped as NFTs.

Now, you have an opportunity to earn $0.50 per sample through paid orders or up to 80% of the royalties earned per generated track, broadcast minute, or API-call containing your verified samples. After uploading and publishing sample packs, you can choose one of the six licenses available and earn up to 80% of the revenue that they generate. Furthermore, creators will soon be able to lock some content via membership plans. “With this feature, we are planning to make something similar to the Patreon or Onlyfans tier membership models — some creators will want access to your exclusive music content and pay [an] extra fee for it,” Paul explains.

Mubert’s mission is to empower and protect creators, democratizing the creator economy one step at a time. With the help of AI, artists can sift through vast amounts of information faster than before, broaden their pool of ideas, and focus more on the creative parts of the music-making process, leaving mundane music production tasks up to the algorithm. “Mubert Render speeds up the soundtrack production process … [which] also reduces the cost of supervision and editing processes, allows you to do complex things with a simple interface, saves time, and as a result, makes the whole process more accessible,” the CCO adds.

The process is easy — by creating an account on, uploading your sample packs, and filling out the form to participate in the Royalties Distribution Beta, you can begin exploring collaborations, open-calls, and paid orders.

As Zgordan notes, in the near future there will be a myriad of new functions introduced that will help to create more complex compositions such as searches and new filters. “Our RnD team is working every day to improve the algorithms for personalization, analysis, and sound quality. As a result, we should get a service that will help creators to get the most appropriate soundtrack for their content as fast and accurately as possible,” Paul concludes. “For musicians, we’ll add artist pages, a flexible licensing system, and a fair monetization platform — it is important for us to create a platform that will become a great place for musicians who want their music to be heard in creator economy content.”

If you have any questions regarding Mubert Render, you can sign up for the upcoming webinar here:

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